Author Visits to Schools

patricia upczak author visitsI love doing school and library visits. My presentations and workshops fit beautifully with Reading, Language Arts and Social Studies.

patricia upczak author visitsI also love giving presentations and workshops at conferences for educators, librarians and writers. I can focus on a variety of topics, including aspects of the craft of creative writing. Each session usually lasts about one hour unless otherwise noted.

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Devils GulchThe Mystery of Devil’s Gulch

The Mystery of Devil’s Gulch is a metaphysical mystery for young adult readers. The heroes, Rachel, Peter and Blue Star unravel a series of mysteries when Rachel’s grandfather is kidnapped. As the story unfolds concepts of shapeshifting, clairvoyance, and time travel are introduced. The book takes place in the Pacific Northwest.

Sequel The Mystery of the Whispering Wand will be available November, 2016. Join our mailing list for information, updates and special deals.

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