Book Bundle #1: Synchronicity Book & Journal

Book Bundle #1: Synchronicity Book & Journal


Includes A Synchronistic Journey and Synchronicity, Signs & Symbols. Save $12 plus shipping!

A Synchronistic Journey

A Synchronistic Journey by Patricia Rose Upczak is a wonderful tool to help the reader explore and learn how synchronicity and meaningful coincidences can transform their lives. Often when people ask for help either outloud or in silent prayer the Universe answers in code. We must become our own experts in understanding the whisperings of Spirit. Flow is at work when things fall into place, obstacles melt away, timing is perfect and whatever is necessary appear as needed. This journal will help you increase your awareness and connection to the Holographic Universe that we all live in.

Paperback, 177 pages
Published March 1st 2004 by Synchronicity Publishing
Author Patricia Upczak

Synchronicity, Signs & Symbols

Synchronicity implies wholeness and meaningful relationships between causally unconnected events. Science has been rediscovering the view of the world as an unbroken fabric in which seemingly separate events do not occur in isolation, but form pieces interwoven into a common tapestry. This book is filled with people’s stories because synchronicity is ultimately best understood and comprehended through the stories of our lives. Synchronicity, Signs & Symbols has fascinating stories throughout by people of all walks of life including Angeles Arrien, Arielle Ford, Deb Jordan, Frank Joseph, Denise Linn, Raliegh Pinskey, Jacquelyn Small, and Dottie Walters.

Along with chapters on messages from Nature and Past Life Experiences the book includes a Dictionary of Symbols and Signs to help guide the reader on their path. This book helps the reader listen to the whispers of the Universe and let them understand the synchronicities that flow into their lives.

Paperback, 116 pages
Published June 1st 2001 by Synchronicity Publishing
Author Patricia Rose Upczak



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