Happy Teachers, Happy Students

Happy Teachers, Happy Students


Teachers have a powerful impact on the students that they interact with on a daily basis. The question is what is the nature of that influence? Are they teaching them to develop life long skills that will help them be healthy, happy, productive adults? Are they teaching them how to use their remarkable brains that research now show are capable of much more than anyone in education imagined? Are they teaching them to interact positively with a diverse population of children? Are they learning to be tolerant, kind and compassionate human beings? Are they learning that education can be filled with wonder, curiosity and joy? Are they learning to develop a variety of thinking skills that will help them be successful in the world they are growing up in?

Teachers are one of this country’s greatest resources. It is time for these teachers to find their own niche in the educational world and be happy and fulfilled in their jobs.


Paperback, 110 pages
Published June 1st 2011 by Synchronicity Publishing
Author Patricia Rose Upczak

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